Canopy Adventures Ziplining Rainforest Ride

An exhilarating adventure you’ll never forget
Canopy Adventures Cable Rides


Fly through the little-seen and exquisitely unspoiled rainforest interior of Koh Samui, zipping on a cable through the jungle. You’ll enjoy some of the best views of the rainforest there is, including the secret waterfall of Samui. Beginning on our treetop canopy platforms, you’ll zip at speeds up to 50 miles per hour high, above the rain forest ground. You’ll be flying freely through the air, attached only by a cable. You’ll literally feel as though you’re flying with total control. But we’re not talking just one cable ride. You’ll zip from platform to platform across 15 separate cables, landing on 21 tree top platforms, all in all totaling 2000 Meters – flying through the treetops!

This is a truly exciting experience for the entire family. Ages 7 and up are welcome. The whole family will be smiling wide from one platform to the next in this exhilarating experience.

Trip information

Completely safe and fully insured. No experience necessary.
No climbing involved. Tour is operated by ‘Canopy Adventures’.

What's included

  • • 4x4 Safari to the location A short nature trek
  • • Highly trained staff on every platform
  • • Worlds best equipment by PETZL
  • • A swim in the secret waterfalls
  • • Complimentary fresh fruit and lunch
  • • 3 to 5 hour tour – but you are welcome to spend the whole day if you like!


Adult: 2,700 Thai baht

*Group discounts* If your group contains 2 or more people - we will automatically reduce the price for each additional person! Just send us an enquiry to get an offer.

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