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Privacy information

What information we collect from you

Koh Samui Tour Shop stores customer enquiries and transactions in a database in order to function. The information fields stored are from our enquiry form. These are: a name, an email, a telephone number, a hotel / accomodation location, date of departure, number of adults and children in accompaniment. This allows us to keep track of your transaction with us and is also used for our own record keeping. We do not require or hold any other personally identifiable information, in order to conduct transactions with you.

Payment Information

Our payments are handled by Paypal Inc. The transaction information is held on Paypals servers. We do not keep any of your personal information such as your address or credit card numbers, at Koh Samui Tour Shops website or database.

Sharing of Information

We do not share your information with anyone, except the company providing the actual excursion.

Website traffic analysis

We use Google analytics to analyze traffic to our website. This feature does not collect any personally identifiable information. It collects visitor data such as the amount of time spent on the website, which pages were visited, which countries people are visiting from etc. This allows people to monitor the success and popularity of their websites. Google analytics sets a cookie in visitors browsers in order to function. This cookie can be blocked by your browser if you do not want to participate in the analytics.


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